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Whack-a-Mole Dentistry

Reprinted from Medium.com The Dangerous Mouth Game Carla Stockton May 4·7 min read The Dangerous Mouth Game My father was eleven years old when he was summoned to his father’s bedside. “Remember this, my son,” the old man said. “Respect your mouth. Teeth can kill you.” Grandfather knew whereof he spoke. He promptly died. . … Continue reading

Memorial Day Musing (from Medium.com)

The Second Battle of Bull Run, August 28–30, 1862–15,000 Union troops died in two days, and the Confederacy wond a decisive victory. Hiram Terwilliger fought valiantly and (barely) survived. Memorial Day Musing Insomnia plagued my childhood. My mother was a refugee from Nazi Europe, who never spoke outright about what had happened back there. Eavesdropping … Continue reading