Carla Stockton, Writer, Editor, Teacher, Mentor

It’s never too late to answer a calling. . . .

Hale and hearty child of the Adirondacks Carla Stockton lived at the base of a mountain and went to school across-town, which meant that she had walked to school every day, through the ice and snow, rain and sleet, uphill both ways. And that forced her dedicate herself to the art of perseverance. After spending her youth and young adulthood babysitting then raising her own children, teaching English, directing youth theater, writing for New England publications, she left the comfort of the Connecticut suburbs to re-create her life. Today, she has earned an M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University and is building a portfolio of freelance publications, of blog site entries, and speaking engagements.

Resume 2015                                                                                                               speaker 2

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For what I’m working on right now, click Current work

My bi-weekly column – this one about Nick Borisjuk, Sound Supervisor for Hamilton and Beautiful on Broadway –  GET REAL for the Columbia Journal online.

A story about the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre

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For all press or business inquiries, please contact Julia Heslin at Fresh Tracks Marketing at or (310) 592-7467


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